Public Affairs Santiago asked that I come help them at APEC 2004.  Not only was Secretary Powell there, so was the President, so it was a pretty busy affair.  Are you the masochist type who needs to know what APEC was doing in Santiago?  Click here.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

In any case, some good pictures, some terrible pics.  Against my better judgment I left in the one where you can see me, my hand extended to President Bush's tie.  You'll just have to trust me that I got to shake his hand.  Someone with terrible picture taking skills snapped the shot.  You'd think getting President Bush in the frame would have been important to him....  Maybe it was a political statement.

Speaking of political statements -- if you want to see what Sect'y Powell and Minister Walker said during the press conference (photos below), click here.

This is a picture from near the Embassy of Santiago.

Some State colleagues posing near the Embassy.

Matt was in charge of taking care of Don Francisco. Here he is doing his job.

Preparing for an interview of Sect'y Powell at the hotel.

Here's a press conference between Sect'y Powell and Foreign Minister Ignacio Walker of Chile.

Sect'y Powell going to another press interview (at the Amb's residence).

Finally Sect'y Powell left. Well, due to plane difficulties, it took a long time.


Sitting on the tarmac.

Then -- 45 minutes later -- leaving.

Robin and Julia

Steve was invited too.

President Bush came out to meet the Embassy community. Ambassador Kelly introduced him. Bush gave a short speech, then shook hands.

Here's the famous handshake. Sort of.

Matt and Assistant Secretary Noriega (A/S for Western Hemisphere Affairs).

Me and Amb. Kelly

Mac Tadeo and Amb. Kelly