Here are the pictures from our trip to Lima, Peru to go to Matt Roth's wedding (August 2003).

One of the first scenes that caught our attention in Peru was this guy flying over the ocean on a motorized kite. Very strange.

The weather looked like this the entire time we were there. Grey and about to rain (it NEVER rains in Lima).

This is the water the guy was flying over. Nice.

This is the top of the hill looking down over the water.

Matt used to live in the building on the left. From his window was a park, then the ocean. He said that clouds frequently came into his apartment if he didn't close the windows.

This is the lighthouse right in front of Matt's old apartment.

This is the front of the hotel we stayed at. Very colonial and comfortable.

That's me at the hotel.

Then the wedding. Here's Danny, Maria, Daniella, and Matt. Congratulations!

The Bogotá crew re-united. ("I do. You don't -- uh go to the U.S.")

Then the shopping ensued. How could we pass up these hats?

We finally went into downtown Lima. The following is the series of pictures is of downtown as seen from one point (the church steps). Put together it would be a neat panoramic.

Then looking back at the church that we were standing at for the last few pictures.

This is the palace in downtown (presidential?).

Zooming in....

Lima's most exciting job.

The fountain in the center of downtown.

A church a few blocks away from the center of town. Nice architecture.

A closeup of the engraving.

We then went to a Fransican church nearby famous for its catacombs. The following pictures are of the church itself.

...and now we enter the catacombs....

Yep... those are human bones.

...there were more down there.

...thousands of them... everywhere.

Even in patterns....

Back to our hotel. This is what it looked like inside.

...neat, huh?

Kathy liked it!