Mitch and Chris finally ventured out of the borders of our country to visit me and Kathy.  I think the availability of snowboarding in September was the convincing factor for Chris.  Mitch promises that next year they will visit Paul, Jean, and Noah in Hawaii.  Still, they seemed to have a good time.

This wasn't much of a picture vacation since Mitch and Chris did the majority of vacationing and we did the longer trips with them.  Chris's pictures are probably more worth seeing....  They are here (scroll down until you hit the names with Chile in the title).  Those pictures include our snowboarding photos.  The entire series of photos of us snowboarding is here.  It also includes some of the limited series of pictures of all four of us together.

Here are our limited series of pictures from this trip.

The first long trip we took was the tour of Valparaiso. This and the next picture are the docks.

This is the view up from the bottom of one of the famous Valpo elevators.

Mitch and Chris in the elevator.

This is the gates in front of one of the houses in Valpo.

A local supermarket.

The following are all pictures of Valpo at a distance. This is the best way to see Valpo.

Very colorful.

Mitch and Chris at an overlook

This is the view from the apartment we rented in Chillan. During most of the ski season, it is possible to ski right to the front door.

Chris and I went all the way up to the top of the mountain in the background and snowboarded all the way down. Well, Chris snowboarded. I partially snowboarded and partially went down on my butt.

A lovely day in Chillan as seen from our balcony.

Here I am wondering if I can really snowboard -- answer, no.

This is the dog that guards the Hotel Pirigallo (next door to the apartment we rented). Her name is Carla. She has a ski pass as identification around her neck. She is adorable.

Carla always slept in the warmest places. Here you can see that she has backed herself up against the heater.

The next few picture are all from our ride home. It is a nice wooded area. The drive was about six hours long, so there are lots of pictures. Consider it part of our "Chile at 55" series.

There were quite a few waterfalls. Here are pictures of a few of them.

Also plenty of volcanoes.

Then just a series of lovely pictures from the trip home.