Kathy felt gypped by a summertime Christmas, so we decided to have Christmas in July.  We borrowed all the necessary decorations (mostly from Rob and Lori Frazier -- thanks guys!) and the place looked and smelled of Christmas.  The party was a raging success and a great welcome for Tim and Kari Wilkie, our friends from Bogotá who had just arrived for a tour in Santiago.  The invitation to the party itself was quite the success.  It is here (.pdf format).  My pisco concoction included one part pisco, one part Kahlua, crushed ice, and lots of vanilla ice cream.  I disqualified myself from the competition because we were hosting, but people seemed to enjoy it.  Well, everyone except the Ambassador.  The thank you letter from Holidae Jennings said the party "was all the fun of Christmas with none of the hassle."  How can that be beat?

Richard Sanderson, Christine Sloop, and Kathy Schleigh

Steve and Robin Kasban, Jeff and Traci Simpliciano, Pat Broe, Holidae and Rob Jennings

Yunllin Sanchez, Leslie and Antonio Heredia, and Lori Frazier

Dr. Jim Bayuk and Joe Schleigh

Kari and Tim Wilkie and Kathy

Tom Mittnacht, Tim Cipullo, Montserrat (LNU), Tim's friend, and Jan Irene Perkins

Lori Frazier and Robin Kasban

Marisol Mittnacht, (Rob Frazier's back) and Dave Richeson

Marisol Mittnacht, MSgt. Kevin Kern, Dave Richeson, John Vance, and Rob Frazier